It’s said that children are here to teach us about life. When you have a child, everything is new again, and your entire world changes. How could I have known in those twilight hours as I rocked my colicky newborn years ago that she was preparing me for a career I love? In those moments I learned to love more deeply than I thought I ever could, to draw on patience I didn’t know I had, and that with Wawa coffee, all things are possible!


My name is Jamielynn, and I’m a newborn, maternity and family photographer in Medford, New Jersey. Becoming parents was transformative for my husband and me, and I realized after I opened my studio that I have been drawn to photographing children my whole life. I’ve worked at various organizations as a camp counselor who taught photography, as a fairy godmother for Wish Upon a Hero Network and for Hearts Speak, a network of artists who are trying to change the lives of animals. In all my job roles, I was the one who always had a camera in hand to capture the moments that brought people joy.  Giving back is in my heart and an essential part of who I am.


I’m detail-oriented but not fussy, patient but not a pushover, and my superpower is baby whispering. I spend lots of time making sure that each downy hair and tiny toe of your precious little one is photographed. Making you and your children comfortable, unhurried and welcome is my top priority, and it’s how I earn the trust that allows me to create photos with a genuine emotional connection. Many of my clients come in for maternity photos and become like family as I photograph the different stages of their lives!  It’s my honor to see your family grow.


When I’m not photographing bellies and babies, I’m a proud mom to two silly and sweet little girls aged 4 and 1, the world’s most patient Weimaraner, our 15-year-old cat (our first furbaby) and two unsuspecting guinea pigs.  My husband is really the best, (I mean, the best ever) and even though I can baby whisper all day long to get the perfect photo, we still can’t get our own kids to sleep through the night. Isn’t parenting a crazy ride?! Pass the coffee!


Jamielynn is a newborn photographer in Medford, New Jersey.  She specializes in child, newborn, maternity and family photography in South Jersey.  Serving Philadelphia, South Jersey, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Ocean Counties for all of your portrait photography needs.