Find the BEST Medford Newborn Photographer

As a Medford newborn photographer who specializes on naturally lit newborn photos and "on location" newborn photo sessions as well as other portrait sessions, I have loads of experience in creating those amazing newborn photos that you are looking for from your Haddonfield newborn photographer! I know that, in my experience, there is a right fit for everyone when it comes to finding the best newborn photographer in South Jersey.

There are all sorts of factors to consider when on the lookout for the best South Jersey newborn photographer. After all, the moments of a newborn's life are fleeting and making sure your Haddonfield newborn photographer lives up to your expectations as a new parent holds plenty of weight. One of the main factors you might want to consider is where your newborn photography session will take place. Many newborn photographers in South Jersey only work in their studio, which requires you to come to them. Others, such as myself, also work on location with a portable studio, which makes it easy for me to be a Mt Laurel, NJ newborn photographer, Collingswood, NJ newborn photographer, Haddonfield, NJ newborn photographer,  Shamong, NJ newborn photographer, Tabernacle, NJ newborn photographer, Cherry Hill, NJ newborn photographer, or Marton, NJ newborn photographer of choice. I can come to you. I realize that there is a ton of stuff to pack up and get ready when you're planning your newborn session. So, I make it extremely easy on you and your new little one by coming directly to where you are.

In addition, as an on location photographer in South Jersey, I can also use unique backdrops and locations throughout South Jersey for your family or maternity photo shoot. That's right! While I specialize in newborn photography in South Jersey, I am also a South Jersey maternity photographer.

So, whether you're on the hunt for the best Haddonfield newborn photographer or Haddonfield family photographer, here are a few key things I encourage all of my families to consider....


This is a BIG deal. The style in which your South Jersey photographer composes a photo, poses their subject, and edits the finished piece are all unique to each specific portrait photographer. Be sure you look at lots of your photographer's work on their website and blog to become familiar with their style. No two photographers will have the exact same style. So, while you may be looking for something very specific, your chose photographer will photograph in a very specific style, which is virtually impossible to change.

Don't be afraid to inquire with your South Jersey photographer about seeing full sessions of recent work. This will ensure that you know exactly what to expect. If a photographer is confident in their work and their style they will have no issues with providing you with additional examples. After all, if we could put every single one of our favorite images on our websites without boring you, the viewer, we would! Most likely they will be excited to show you more of their work!



The personality of your Haddonfield newborn photographer or Cherry Hill photographer is extremely important when it comes to family portraits of any kind. As portrait photographers we aren't photographing landscapes or still life. We have chosen to invest our artwork and talent into capturing the lives and personalities of people. Finding a portrait photographer in South Jersey whose personality is so enjoyable and easy to get along with is almost priceless. This will allow you to enjoy the entire experience that you have with your photographer. As a newborn photographer and family photographer who specializes in photographing children of all ages, having a fun and outgoing personality that is in tune with children is crucial to the level of success I have in my job. If all I did was make babies cry and parents more stressed out then I might want to consider photographing those inanimate objects, such as landscapes. However, I love being around people and interacting with babies and kids. It has become my entire focus as a newborn photographer and makes me love what I do.

Finding an awesome photographer whose style you love and whose personality you can't get enough of are the two biggest selling points, in my opinion.



However, if price point is up on your list of considerations when you are looking for the best newborn photographer in South Jersey then take my advice to heart. These moments with your family and little ones are fleeting. At moments they seem endless but tomorrow is always a new day. Your babies will change faster than you can imagine and that transition is full speed ahead from the moment they arrive. Getting back those moments that happened "yesterday" will always be priceless. Once tomorrow is here, yesterday is but a memory.

Find a photographer whose style you adore and whose personality you can't get enough of and create a reasonable photography budget that will allow you and your family to have the images that will become keepsakes for generations. Money comes and goes but today will be gone forever when tomorrow is here. Talk to your photographer and create a plan so that you can capture your loved ones and cherish those moments for eternity.


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